Join Team SunFrog

We're looking for those who love to play in the spotlight.

Those who have passion. Those who have talent. Those who rock. Those who make a difference.

We are offering sponsorships for those who have a social media following and love to put themselves out there! Sponsorships will vary based on audience, performance, and how often members promote SunFrog. Once approved for the SunFrog Team the fun stuff starts. This includes but is not limited to: T-Shirts, custom gear, toys, helmets, vehicle wraps, and an endless supply of awesome swag. Swag levels vary and increase as member involvment increases.

We've categorized the areas we are recruiting members for.

The SunFrog Team will review and qualify you. A little cyber stalking may be involved. ;)

Athlete Sponsorship


We're looking for athletes on land, sea, and air! Those of you who ride, fly, grind, drive, behind a wheel, in a ring, in the air, or down a mountain.

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Youtube Stars


Do you have a following on YouTube who watch you open things, play games, shoot guns, or pull pranks? We're ready to take your YouTube fame to the next level.

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Artist/Musician Sponsorship


Are you a rock star? Actor? Tightrope walker? We're looking for those devoted to their passion. Masters of their craft. The up and comings and the somebodies.

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Popular with more than Mom and Dad? If you can draw a crowd (not a mob) with your last movie, pretty face, big name, or social stature, then you're the one.

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Heroes of today


Making a change in this world? We're looking to help those who help others. Ordinary people stepping up to do the extraordinary.

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Something new

the unknown

If those other categories aren't a good fit and you believe you have something we're looking for, by all means, let us know what it is!

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